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Sets I bought in October 2020 – scared for Black Friday!

Hey guys, so this is a continuation of a post. If you want to check out the sets I picked up in September, you can read about it HERE. In that post, I talked about each set, what I got on sale, and overall how much I saved. At the end, after pick up 8 sets and saved 21% overall. Now I know I’m a bit late to posting this one, but better late than never, and I wanted to do this before Black Friday happens, which I’m still afraid of lol

So what that out of the way, here is what I picked up for October 2020.

What did I get?

October 2nd, 2020

LEGO Classic Gray Baseplate 10701 x 10

Walmart.ca had these baseplates for 45% off. This baseplate at LEGO.ca would be $17.99, so getting it for $9.98 was pretty good. You can never have too many baseplates.

October 5th 2020

LEGO City Burger Bar Fire Rescue.

Paid full price for this, $49.99. I normally wouldn’t for a City set, but my son started to poop in a potty, and this was the reward he wanted. Expensive? Maybe, but worth it? Totally! He poops in the potty all the time now, the money I save from diapers is going to make up for this lol

October 13th, 2020

LEGO Ideas Steamboat Willie 21317

This set was the only set I picked up during Amazon Prime Days which I covered HERE and HERE. I really thought there would be more deals, but overall I’m pretty happy with this discount. At 30% I think it is the lowest price in Canada ever. More importantly, when this set was first introduced, I picked one up because the box said LEGO Ideas #24 instead of saying LEGO Ideas #25. I’ve been waiting since its introduction to build one, and finally it was available at a discount.

October 19th 2020

LEGO Ideas The Flintstones 21316

I got this set from Costco.ca for $69.99, which is a savings of $10 instead of getting it from LEGO.ca. I got this set for two reasons. One is that I think this set might retire soon? Also, I got it because it says LEGO Ideas #24 on it. I have LEGO Steamboat Willie with the misprint where it says LEGO Ideas #24 as well, so I thought it would be cool to get it. I’m not sure if I will keep it, or hope for a better deal during Black Friday, but because Costco.ca has a great return policy, I thought I would lock in at least this bit of discount.

October 20th 2020 11:55 PM

LEGO Batman 1989 Batwing 76161

The set I’ve been waiting for all year! I am so excited about this set. I was lucky enough to order it just before midnight and take advantage of the 2x VIP points. In addition, it qualified for added gifts with purchase.

October 21st, 2020

LEGO Star Wars Resistance Y-Wing Starfighter 75249

Probably the best deal this month, which is surprising because Amazon Prime Days were suppose to have some sales. Anyways, this set was on sale at Amazon.ca and Bestbuy.ca for 56% off! You can read my post HERE about the sale. For $39.99, it was a no brainer!

So that’s it! That’s what I got for October 2020.

Happy LEGO Building!

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